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Come to Cecil's Brewhouse & Kitchen. Now pouring Cecil's brand beer and your old favorites on tap!

Join us for the ushering in of an old era!





Cecil's Brewhouse & Kitchen


The evolution of Cecil's continues with signature and seasonal beers for your drinking pleasure, brewed naturally, on site.

Cecil Shamus Fitzgerald had a passion for life, he travelled the world in search of adventure and intrigue. His excursions took him far from his native Ireland. Though travel he did, his Irish charm and fiery personality were ever present till the moment of his last breath.

While travel took him far and wide, Cecil learned his true passions were bear wrestling, a love of a great beer and good food, all in that order. Bear wrestling brought him notoriety and wealth. But great beer and good food could be hard to come by in the wilds of Northern Ontario so Cecil created his own concoctions.

Until recently, Cecil Shamus Fitzgerald's descendants believed Cecil's brew notes had been destroyed in the fire. While undertaking a renovation, of little used space, a glass container wrapped in oil cloth and sealed with wax was found entombed in a metal deeds box. The contents of the container revealed the old brew master notes long feared lost.

So we now enjoy Cecil's finest on tap alongside his signature recipes from long ago adventures and the Cecil's story continue, yet again.

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Our Beer

Enjoying any of Cecil's brewed in house labels is an easy thing to do when we now have cold, on tap, fresh brewed beers that go well with any of our menu items.
We continue to bring you the flavours and aromas associated with Cecil Shamus Fitzgerald's grand global travels.

Brewing Naturally

A lot of thought, imagination, inspiration, testing and tasting goes into creating beers from pale ales to amber lagers to deep brown porters.

Cecil travelled the world and savoured countless beers from every port of call, back country village and big city he visited. Over the course of a lifetime of tasting brews from far and wide it was inevitable Cecil would create a great beer for his own enjoyment.

At Cecil’s we are carrying on the tradition of a great beer, brewed in-house with the finest ingredients, served pure filtered, ice cold and on tap for your pleasure.



A clean fresh lager with notes of grapefruit and citrus character. This clean, crisp and refreshing beer is perfectly balanced, prepared for your enjoyment at low temperature and highly drinkable.



Light citric hints and clean fresh finish make this beer a perfect, genuine and true, summer drink. An extremely enjoyable pure filtered beer brewed with natural ingredients. An inspired choice for beer lovers.



The perfect summer thirst quencher with hints of orange, coriander and citric hops. It's a smooth tasting, unpretencious beer producing a dry finish.



With a locely smooth finish and it's dark copper colour this is a beer that is as good to look at as it is to drink. Aromas of light chocolate are noted in this earthy delight, a real pleasure to drink.






This lovely, copper IPA has a beautiful citric and tropical nose. With a nice maltiness balancing the hops, the beer is well balanced and smooth on the palate.






webdoubleipaKing Country Double IPA

Intense grassy, citric, pine-like hop aroma, good bitterness with a lingering smooth bitterness.





webblueWyld Blueberry Wheat Ale

Light and naturally cloudy, subtle blueberry, citrus, banana flavours, allows the base notes of beer to shine through.




blackknightBlack Knight Cream Stout

Sweet on the nose with a caramel, coffee flavour ending with a slight bitter tone.






continentalContinental Dark Ale

Light Vanilla and espresso bean aromas make this a warming comfort ale.

Refreshingly smooth with a clightly bitter chocolate ending.




continental Ruby Red Radler

A perfect blend of naturally brewed German wheat beer 

and pink grapefruit juice.




gold rushGold Rush Blonde

A clean and well balanced blonde lager with slight sweetness and a hint of hoppiness, without the

bitterness of typical European styled lagers. This blonde is 100% all natural like all of our Cecil's beer.






















What's beer made of?

In the process of brewing beer, there are four simple, but important, ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast.


Although all the ingredients are necessary for the brewing process, the malt is used in larger quantities. Our Brewmaster's use malted barley and other specialty malts, depending on the type of beer being brewed. The alcohol from the beer derives from the fermentation of sugars contained in the malt.


Hops are another fundamental ingredient in beer. Although it is used in smaller quantities compared to malt, it is the main element that provides flavour to the beer. The typical bitterness of the beer comes directly from the essential oil of the hop flower.


Water, gives the beer its liquid consistency; without water, beer is nothing more than bread! It takes time to filter the water before using it to remove any impurities which could affect the taste.


Yeast is used at the end of the brewing process. At Cecil's, we use only ale yeast in the brewing process of our beer.

Our Beer, How's it's made

Malted Barley